TMG Services, Inc.
240 Oliver Street, Suite 1
Saint Albans, West Virginia  25177
Phone:  (304) 722-6015
Data:  (304) 722-6017

Archived Projects

Our completed projects include:

Leaking Underground Storage Tank Program Support - Throughout West Virginia

Fishing Access Repairs - Eastern West Virginia

Environmental Remediation and Compliance Support - Southeastern West Virginia

Demilitarization Support - Southern West Virginia

General Contracting including Design-Build - Central Virginia

Bridge Rehabilitation - Northern Pennsylvania

Environmental Consulting - Northeastern West Virginia

Bioremediation of Contaminated Soil - Northeastern Ohio

Crane Rehabilitation - Central West Virginia

Contaminated Soil Removal Consulting and Documentation - Southeastern West Virginia

Bridge Replacement - Central Virginia

Contaminated Soil Removal - Northeastern West Virginia

Ambient Sound Studies - Northern West Virginia

Erosion Control Dike - Ohio River

HVAC Replacement - Northern Ohio

Service Bridge Repairs, Waterline Replacement, and Gate Modifications - Northern Pennsylvania