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Low Impact Development
Area Drainage Modifications

Project Location:  Hopemont Family Housing, Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia

Client:  Department of the Army, Headquarters, U.S. Army Garrison

Project Completed:  2010  

Contract Value:  $288,100

Project Description:  TMG Services, Inc. was contracted by the Department of the Army, Headquarters, U.S. Army Garrison for a design-build Low Impact Development (LID) Project at the Hopemont Family Housing Area.  The project consisted of replacement of existing storm water drainage ditches.  The LID design will replace these ditches so they will maximize the retention of the water from ponding and divert water away from the twenty-five (25) adjacent housing units.  

LID Area Drainage work included:

1.      A&E Design Services (Pre-Final and Final Drawings)

2.      Erosion Control Measures / Earthwork / Utility Placements

3.      Excavate and Grade Swales

4.      Excavate and Export in Swales

5.      Install Infiltration Trenches

6.      Install LID Rain Gardens

7.      Plantings

8.      Final Grading / Seeding / Mulching

This project required extensive environmental, safety, and quality control planning and implementation.  TMG was able to draw upon its environmental management and construction capabilities to manage all aspects of this project including permitting, engineering, and construction. 

Project Benefits:  This project provided an innovative storm water management system that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.