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Gregg/Lent Road Bridge Replacement

Project Location:  Gregg/Lent Road, Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia

Client:  Department of the Army, Headquarters, U.S. Army Garrison

Project Completed:  2010  

Contract Value:  $418,831

Project Description:  TMG Services, Inc. was contracted by the Department of the Army, Headquarters, U.S. Army Garrison.  The project at Gregg/Lent Road over Mill Creek, Bridge No. 4 at Ft. A.P. Hill consisted of removal of the existing three span wooden bridge and construction of a new single span bridge with approach work consisting of paving on either side of the approach.  The bridge spans Mill Creek which is located within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. 

New Bridge work included:

1.  Erosion control measures including Virginia VSMP permitting
2.  Demolition

3.  Excavation
4.  Pre-cast pile placements
5.  Form and pour two abutements with steel reinforcement
6.  Damp-proofing
7.  Drain tile
8.  Stone Backfill
9.  27" pre-cast box beams
10.  Concrete curbs
11.  Steel railings
12.  Asphalt paving
13.  Final grading and seeding

This project required extensive environmental, safety, and quality control planning and implementation.  TMG was able to draw upon its environmental management and construction capabilities to manage all aspects of this project including permitting, engineering, and construction. 

Project Benefits:  This project provided a single span bridge that is capable of supporting large military vehicles, which is critical for the Department of the Army at this training facility.