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Fishing Access Repairs at Spruce Knob Lake

Project Location:  Spruce Knob Lake, Randolph County, West Virginia

Client:  US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service

Project Completed:  2010  

Contract Value:  $27,681.06

Project Description:  TMG Services, Inc. was contracted by the United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service to repair the approximatly 400 foot long fising access along the Spruce Knob Lake in Randolph County, West Virginia.  The aggregate surface of the trail had eroded extensively and railing along the access had been vandalized. 

Fishing access repairs included:

1.  Excavation behind existing wooden retaining wall
2.  Installation of woven geotextile
3.  Repair of wooden retaining wall
4.  Repair of vandelized wooden tackle table and railing
5.  Installation of aggregate base and surface
6.  Final grading and seeding

This project was located in a remote area and required extensive planning to mobilize equipment and materials to the site. Due to the location of the project, care had to be taken to ensure that work adjacent to the lake did not effect water quality.  

Project Benefits:  Repairs to the fishing access increased the aesthetics and accessiblity of this highly used recreational area.

Fishing Access Prior to Repairs

Fishing Access Following Repairs to the Retaining Wall, Walking Surface, and Accessible Fishing Piers