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Renovation of Sixteen (16) UPH Units at Building 179

Project Location:  Fort A.P. Hill Drive, Ft. A.P. Hill, Virginia

Client:  Department of the Army, Headquarters, U.S. Army Garrison

Project Completed:  2010  

Contract Value:  $722,393.44

Project Description:  TMG Services, Inc. was contracted by the United States Department of the Army, Headquarters, U.S. Army Garrison to furnish all labor, materials, equipment, and supervision necessary to perform all operations in connection with the renovation of sixteen (16) UPH Units in Building 179.  The project was divided into two different wings, A Wing and B Wing.  Both wings were similar in design, with A wing having existing water damage and vacant rooms.  The Statement of Work included a design-build installation of a new wet sprinklet system for all 16 UPH Units. 

Renovation of the Sixteen (16) Unites included:

1.      FPE Design Services (Pre-Final and Final Drawings)

2.      Selective Structure Demolition

3.      Cast-In-Place Concrete Slabs/Sidewalks

4.      Rough Framing – Interior/Exterior Walls/Openings

5.      Building Insulation

6.      Door Openings With Related Hardware

7.      Vinyl Exterior Windows

8.      Gypsum Wallboard Assemblies

9.      Resilient Flooring/Vinyl Sheet Goods/Vinyl Base

10.  Carpet Tiles

11.  Ceramic Tile Flooring

12.  Kitchenette Units With Appliances

13.  Bathroom Vanities with Solid Surface Tops

14.  Bathroom Accessories

15.  Painting – Interior/Exterior

16.  General Plumbing

17.  HVAC System Upgrade

18.  Electrical/FA System/Communications

19.  Fire Suppression System

20.  Final Grading/Seeding/Straw

Project Benefits:  This project provided several additional housing areas for Ft. A.P. Hill

Renovated UPH Units at Building 179